How Small Businesses In Australia Use Social Media For Success?

Small and medium sized enterprises use different marketing strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition in the industry. They use all the tricks of the trade, and employ all tactics to make sure that their marketing plan is the most effective one, and draws in crowds of customers all the time.

Both traditional and modern techniques are employed in the highly competitive segments, to ensure that the business is able to grab a huge section of the Australian customer market. While campaigns, celebrity endorsements and word of mouth are great marketing techniques employed to help a business grow, some of the latest innovations have taken business marketing forward to explore a variety of new horizons. Social media marketing techniques have taken the business world by storm, helping small, medium and even large business enterprises improve their marketing efforts. How?

The use of social media for marketing pays great dividends. It does this is by,

Ensuring Exposure to a Larger Market

There are a number of active social media platforms which are used by businesses in Australia and other countries, to gain exposure of the customer market. The biggest challenge for every business with a limited marketing budget is to ensure reaching out to a wider audience with their services.

With so much competition in every segment of the Australian business industry, any business that stops fighting hard to wow customers runs the risk of losing their share of the market. How do social media channels help in meeting these goals?

The platforms are used by businesses to get customers from far and wide interested in what they have to offer. Customers follow business pages on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and respond to every piece of shared news.

A new product or service offer news reaches the customer even before you can say ‘marketing’ and they leave their feedback on the new offerings. From word of mouth, technology has brought marketing to success with likes, shares, tweets and posts. Marketing news which was once shared from one person to the other by words is now spread to hundreds of potential clients within a couple of minutes by sharing news, posts and tweets.

Now, with social media channels, there is no need to spend hours trying to get customer exposure. That is why around 88% of the small businesses in Australia have an active Facebook account. Statistics show that about 25% of the Australian customer market uses social media platforms like Facebook to find out about different businesses and brands.

Wider Penetration of Global Markets

When it comes to social media, territorial boundaries and limitations don’t matter anymore as you will find out in this guide  – Four functions of social media guide. If you wish for the world to know about your services and offerings, then social media is the ideal way for a growing small business to penetrate a national, state, local or global market.

According to a piece of statistical information, around 41% of the small businesses operating in Australia have paid for getting advertised on Facebook.

With social media being the new way to market your business, any company which is not utilizing the platform, is losing customers!

How Small Businesses In Australia Use Social Media For Success?