The following text is reprinted entirely from Jim Moore’s post at Sudan: The Passion of the Present:

Many many many thanks to Katrin Verclas of Passion of the Present and Greg Moore of for collaborating on this darkly beautiful and powerful poster, and accompanying fact sheet.

The poster and flyer are undated, so they are appropriate both for today’s Sudan: Day of Conscience events and for ongoing use, such as postering of public spaces and using in conjunction with the green ribbon campaign. Print the poster and put it up in buildings you frequent! Schools, offices, churches!!

You can download both poster and flyer from the following locations. The first server is located on the US east coast, and the second in the US midwest. Both have identical content.

Download Genocide Now? poster from US-based server
Download Genocide Now? fact sheet from US-based server

These materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License, meaning they can be used royalty-free for non-commercial purposes, with attribution. Copyright 2004 Passion of the Present. Feel free to place these on your server, your web site, and to print and distribute them in any quantity for non-commercial use.

Genocide Now?: Sudan alert poster