Why does the DLC always make one think of this bit from The Empire Strikes Back?

Han Solo: All right, Chewie, let’s get outta here!
Princess Leia: The Empire is still out there! I don’t think it’s wise to—
Han: No time to discuss this in committee!
Leia: I am not a committee!

Sigh. Is it so very wrong to long for bold direction and decisive action from those who carry the official Democratic banner? Or is it simply naive? I must admit to being throughly underwhelmed by the latest pronouncement from the Democratic Leadership Council – hey, we’re all about commonsense! Yeah, there’s a banner for you. May the Force – or for the Barack Obamas out there, a merciful and nondenominational Providence – save us from leadership-by-committee:

“The DLC has always believed in furthering the first principles of our party,” said DLC founder Al From. “We are about promoting ideas that are progressive and are grounded in traditional Democratic values but offer new ways to further them. If that’s called centrist, then we’re centrist.”But the buzzword today isn’t centrist — it’s “commonsense.” The DLC can’t call its agenda centrist or liberal or progressive, whereas Republicans are quite comfortable calling their agendas conservative.

“This is a main street project, not a K Street project,” said Iowa Gov, Tom Vilsack of the DLC’s American Dream initiative, a laundry list of proposals for Middle Class families. (Capital M, Capital C.)

“I think that the DLC / New Democrat approach is stronger than ever before today and where it is strongest is where we are governing –- in the states,” From said.

But nationally… he wouldn’t go there.

A reporter pointed out that the DLC usually invites the chair of the party to speak. Said From: “We always invite the chair of the party, but the discussion here is always about ideas….” His voice trailed off.

It might well be desperately naive, if not dangerous, to pin one’s hopes on OGP – One Guy/Gal Politics – and yet doesn’t it quicken the pulse and stir the blood to imagine a strong and unifying Democratic leader? A single and compelling voice who can crystallize a direction for a party that doesn’t sound like a mere laundry list, or the timid hashwork of a council whose most heartfelt desire is to offend as few people as possible? A pity that such a guy, such a gal, is nowhere in sight just yet.