Online Reviews Management

Online Reviews Management

Good reviews are the secret recipe to your success!

Did you know that 88% of the customers trust online reviews to make a purchase decision? When it comes to choosing a new brand, more people trust online reviews from peers than you ever imagined. According to online business consultant Peter Brittain, they want to find out how other customers have been treated, and based on their reviews, they make the final decision to either purchase or not. Therefore, if you want your business to succeed and entice new customers, then you need to get good online reviews.

Enhanced search engine rankings with good customer reviews

Did you know that your site’s search engine ranking can get a boost by good reviews? Great customer reviews is a sign that your business is doing good and values its customers. This means that when you have a greater number of positive reviews, your website or page will automatically appear on the first page of the search engine bringing more customers to your business.

We leave no place for negative reviews and reputation!

There is a high chance that many customers aren’t quite delighted with your business and leave negative reviews about your business on different review-sites. Such reviews instantly pop-out, leaving good reviews worth nothing.

But Espresso is here to save your thunder! Our reputation experts will keep a thorough check of every review written in your name. And if someone posts a negative review about you, we will immediately notify you. We will also come up with a plan to knock out such bad reviews and making only good reviews stand-out.