The Importance of Good Grooming for Businessmen

These days you need to have everything in place to succeed in business. You may run an honest business and have a pleasant personality but still not have the success you first envisioned. Many women choose to go down the path with cosmetic surgery; businessmen may need something different.

If you have the kind of business where you interact with people a lot, it is important to pay attention to your grooming. Not all men see the need for anything more than a shower and shave every morning. This is just not enough for some. Men who sweat excessively also tend to have body odour (BO) that can be very off-putting. Botox treatment is very useful for anyone who sweats from their underarm area, drenching their shirt twice or more often each day.

The trouble is that sweat stays on the shirt and the skin and bacteria in the area soon increases and gives off an odour. Deodorants may help a little, but using them is just attending to the tip of the iceberg.  It is more important to get rid of the cause.  Because Botox freezes the nerves where it is injected, it prevents the sweat glands from working.

This has no side effects on the person because if they need to perspire there are plenty of other sweat glands to take care of it.  These are in places where the perspiration doesn’t show up so much. The underarm area is difficult to keep dry because of the position of the arm, which is close to the body. This prevents air from circulating and drying it out.

Businessmen who sweat, but not to excess, can reduce their problem by always wearing shirts made from cotton or some other natural fibre. Bamboo is good for wicking moisture away from the skin so can help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and BO. Cotton tends to absorb moisture, but it breathes so the moisture can escape.

Of course, grooming is about more than sweating. Nasal hair and shaggy eyebrows both need to be kept clipped. Some men have hair sprouting from their ears as well. A good hairdresser will attend to all these grooming problems and it doesn’t have to be done every day, no doubt to the relief of many businessmen. However, if you have a dark hair colour, you may need to shave twice a day. This should not worry you because it can be easily done at the office using an electric shaver.

Just remember that no one likes dealing with a poorly groomed person, so once you get used to taking that added care in your personal appearance, you’ll find your business is highly likely to be more successful. Your social life could take off too.

The Importance of Good Grooming for Businessmen
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