When Should I Use Workplace Lawyers?

When Should I Use Workplace Lawyers?

You may or may not know that different types of lawyers work in significantly different fields. For example, criminal lawyers are primarily concerned with the criminal offences, family lawyers deal with everything family-related, and workplace lawyers can help with any legal issues arising in the workplace.

But what does a workplace lawyer do? And when should you think about using one?

Well, that’s a question we get asked a lot. And, it’s exactly what we’ve looked at in the rest of this article. You should use a workplace lawyer if you:

  1. Need Help Drafting or Negotiating Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are legally binding documents which are often treated quite carelessly. A lot of people don’t realise how important they are, and a large percentage of employees don’t even consider negotiating new contracts.

However, this is a bad idea. You should always attempt to negotiate a contract to ensure you’re happy with the terms of employment. And a workplace lawyer can help ensure a positive outcome for both parties.

  1. Have to Deal With Messy Contract Terminations

Contract termination could be required for any one of a number of reasons. In most cases, dismissing an employee is as simple as providing the required notice in writing and ensuring you’ve paid out any outstanding entitlements.