The Advantages of a Restraining Order

The Advantages of a Restraining Order

In cases where there is abuse in a relationship and it falls apart, a restraining order may be necessary. A good family lawyer will advise you how to take out a restraining order against an abusive ex and what the advantages of it are. They can give you specific advice for your situation that will explain all the legal ramifications of any decisions you make.

A restraining order can be taken out if there is –

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Harassment

A couple don’t have to be married or in a de facto relationship for a restraining order to be taken out. The relationship may have ended, or it could be taken out against a parent on a child’s behalf.

Taking out a restraining order has several advantages: –

  • It orders the abuser to stay away from your home, workplace or school.
  • It can prohibit them from contacting you by email, phone, fax, notes or snail mail.
  • In some cases it can prevent them from going to the same social places as you.
  • If the person ignores the restraining order and you call the police, they will know to respond quickly because they realise the situation is more serious.