4 Different Land Titles

4 Different Land Titles

If you are purchasing land, it’s important to know what the title is, because this can effect what you can do with it. It’s important to consult with property lawyers to ensure any problems to land use can be determined and explained in a way you can understand. Simply knowing the title may not be much use; you have to also know what it means to you and your property specifically in order to avoid any problems.

Here is a list of the different land titles in Western Australia and what they mean: –

  • Green title: This title usually indicates that the property has no areas on it that have to be shared. This is what most land sold for residential purposes is in WA. If it is a property with a free standing home, it is most often a green title. However, this is not always the case and you should look into the matter before signing on the dotted line, because occasionally green title does come with restrictions. One example could be a sewer line that runs through your property that could prevent you from adding an extension to the house or even installing a pool.