How to Keep Out of Trouble with Marketing

How to Keep Out of Trouble with Marketing

If you are a new business owner, whether by simple website or something more complex, you are sure to need some kind of marketing and advertising. However, commercial lawyers will advise you to take care with the wording so that you don’t become liable to litigation.

The problem may not even be your own, but those who pass training or information of any kind on as part of their work for you. Unless there are regular updates to the material and training to keep them up to date on any changes, they may not get it right, but you’ll be the one responsible.

In addition, if you use materials – including music – in your marketing or advertising, or if you compare your product or service to others that are better known, you risk being in breach of copyright. That is why it’s a good idea to look through a lawyer’s list before going ahead with any marketing information including brochures, website copy, YouTube clips, Facebook advertising, direct mail campaigns and even call centre scripts and product disclosure statements.